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Mustang P51, of the 12th TRS
Mustang P51 Sugar Train, of the 12th TRS
12th TRS, identified by the 'ZM' letters
Dessine-moi un avion... 163rd Liaison Squadrons move from Hawaii to Okinawa in March 1945
Factory artist / Artiste en usine
Grasshopper delivery in Normandy / Livraison de L-4 en Normandie
Olive drab with the livery of 12th TRS aircraft / Aux couleurs de la 12th TRS
Checkered P51s
I love the navy ;-)
Grasshopper in Paris, 08/1944
Grasshopper in Paris, 08/1944
Piper in a Bomber squadron
Piper in a Bomber squadron
Cowling markings
Support for war advertissment
L-4 gallore
Wind generator... authentic!
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