G-ARGY - Piper Super Pacer

G-ARGY is a Piper built in 1960. she is one of the last ten 4 seaters made out of tubes and canevas built by the famous American company Piper Aircraft, before they moved to the PA28 (low wing, all metal).
Piper had the (not very good) idea to transform the previous model, the PA20, into a nose wheel aircraft and called the model PA22 Tripacer .
thankfully, lik most other PA22 still flying today, G-ARGY has recovered the tailwheel configuration that suits her so well.

G-ARGY in the press: Aviasport
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G-ARGY in the magazine 'Aviasport'
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G-ARGY at sea, Devon coast, (c)Iza
G-ARGY, under her temporarily changed registration G-JEST, won the prestigious Schneider Trophy in 1989.
Her pilot and owner, Safaya Hemming, was also the first woman to have wun this race.
G-ARGY in the press: Fana de l'aviation
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G-ARGY in the magazine 'Fana de l'aviation'

Watch the full series of G-ARGY's trip from Warwickshire to Normandy.

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