Classic Piper reading
Lecture piperiennes et autres

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(c) Vincent Daudon

  Out Of My Mind, Richard Bach
  Bach's journey begins as he puzzles over design modifications for his airplane, a Piper Cub. Perfect designs--simple and practical--seem to come to him out of the blue.
But one day when a design appears, along with a fleeting glimpse of an intriguing woman, Bach sets out to discover the source of the visions. The journey leads to a startling destination: a parallel universe where a British airplane manufacturer--Saunders-Vixen Aircraft Company Ltd.--makes superb biplanes and solves problems for perplexed aviators. There Bach meets Derek Hawthorne, his guide through Saunders-Vixen and the new world whose possibilities are just unfolding.
There Bach also meets his muse, an unforgettable young aircraft designer named Laura Bristol, who teaches Bach the beauty of simplicity and practicality.

  Flight of Passage, Rinker Buck
  The wonderful story of two brothers who, at ages 15 and 17, became the youngest duo to fly across America. The two boys bought an old Piper Cub, restored it themselves, and set out on the grand journey. You'll find yourself absorbed in this story of adventure and family drama

L-Birds American Combat Liaison Aircraft of World War II, Terry M. Love
  A great book on the seldom-told story of WWII liaison aircraft, known affectionately as "L-Birds" to military personnel. Along with an historical background explaining the multiple roles of these aircraft, you also get complete specifications for the most significant models including the Stinson L-1 and L-5, the Taylorcraft L-2 Grasshopper, the Aeronca L-3, the Piper L-4 and more... all the way up to the L-12. Carrier operations and unit histories are also included.

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